Friday, 6 December 2013


Hello! I don't wish to alarm anybody but it's 18 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS, I'm currently listening to Michael Bublé and apart from Christmas songs being one of things I love about the 25th of December I also love wrapping presents!! It can't be just me who loves that wonderful feeling at the end of it all when you can sit and admire all of your hard work? 

Included a little preview of the Christmas cards I've been working on but there's still loads of different ideas I need to try and I still have to make my friends presents and wrap them too! As long as I stay calm and come up with some sort of schedule everything should go to plan?? This is what I keep telling myself anyway! How is your gift wrapping going? :)


  1. Ohhh Amy those cards are looking fabulous...Please say that I'm getting one!

  2. I love wrapping presents. I'm one of those people that buys loads of tissue paper and strange ribbon from art shops and makes unique crafty wrappings. I like jewel colours and scandinavian details, like the presents have actually been wrapped my elves in Lapland or something. Or maybe by a character from The Lord Of The Rings. Yeah maybe I need to rethink how I spend my time. Sigh.

    Love your new blog design by the way girlfriend xoxo

  3. Christmas cards are adorable, you should get making and sell some on etsy!

    (also how are you so good at blog design?? they're always so beautiful.. and ever changing!)

  4. Beautiful pictures, you've got me all excited now :) xxxx

  5. i love wrapping presents too, well i love everything about presents. wrapping, giving and receiving, haha! but i'm not really giving any this year (uh oh). xx

  6. (OHMIGOSH, I'm listening to Michale Bublé too right now!)

    1. Sorry about leaving 2 comments, I kinda jumped straight to the "add comment" button when I saw Michael Bublé!
      But anyway, I wish I could say that I love wrapping presents but I'm so terrible at it! Unless something has perfectly straight angles (like a book. And I mean hardback, because I apparently can't handle wrapping papaerbacks either...) or is boxed, there's no way I even attempt to wrap !
      I'd love to see your wrapping skills :)


  7. Such a very lovely photos and I can't wait for Christmas too! Can't wait to get together with family and friends :) xx

  8. Gorgeous photos, i've nearly finished wrapping all my gifts i can't wait til i have
    love victoriajanex

  9. It seems to become wonderful Christmas
    I must think about a present, too.
    Christmas is a pleasure.